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European Flooring Installers, LLC provides our customers with the best quality of tile, marble, slate, stone and travertine installation. We have extensive experience in conducting multiple stone, marble, travertine, slate, granite, ceramic or glass tile projects in modern as well as traditional design. We specialize in Lawrenceville flooring, new construction or remodeling of: kitchen backsplash and countertop, stone fireplace, slate patio or sunroom, marble foyer, stone or marble shower and jacuzzi (bathtub), shower pan repairs, insurance floor repair and tile shower repair.

European Flooring Installers, LLC. - Lawrenceville Hardwood Flooring

When you want to update your Lawrenceville home, one of the best, most valuable home improvements you can opt for is new flooring. With professional flooring in Lawrenceville, the rooms of your home will be updated with a fresh, new look and feel. Tile and wood flooring can take a boring room and transform it into a modern, stylish space by adding depth and character. Some of our professional services include insurance floor repair, kitchen backsplashes and hardwood flooring installation in Lawrenceville.

Lawrenceville Travertine Flooring

When you want a custom flooring installation for your Lawrenceville home, let our professionals handle it. From our initial meeting, you will find that our Lawrenceville flooring contractors listen to your needs and wants which ultimately means that you will get the end results that you envisioned. As a professional flooring company, our contractors are highly trained and skilled in all areas of flooring and tile installation. We also offer:

  • Travertine Flooring
  • Floor Tile
  • Travertine Floor
  • Travertine Tiles
  • Travertine Tile
  • Travertine Slab
  • Bathroom Tile
  • Shower Tile Repair
  • Travertine Flooring
  • Custom Flooring
  • Kitchen Tile
  • Travertine Floors

Lawrenceville Kitchen Remodeling

You have probably heard of disasters happening during a remodeling project, letting alone a foremost renovation like that of a kitchen. The problems tend to be lighter and easy to handle when a kitchen is not overhauled and just being updated. Home owners who are thinking about whole Lawrenceville kitchen remodeling, however, usually meet far more hardships.

Correcting problems which occur from a poor kitchen design can give several home owners a headache. There are lots of things to consider when planning about remodeling your kitchen. It is quite hard to deal with each issue before it comes up but it helps to have a few fundamental questions answered further on and general kitchen design knowledge in place. It is crucial to think of possible issues that can be encountered ahead of time to prevent them from becoming a disaster later on.

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"I have hired this firm numerous times, for various jobs, over the last several years, beginning in about 2007. They are professional, timely, reasonably priced, and do beautiful work. If you need design ideas, they even have some of those. And, this is a big plus, they are fun to work with. I have never been disappointed by European Flooring Installers." 

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