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How to Go Green with Your Bathroom Remodeling Project

Atlanta Bathroom RemodelingMore and more homeowners in the Atlanta area are becoming interested in creating a more environmentally friendly living space. Going green isn’t just good for the environment: it also has direct benefits to you. It’s safer and healthier for everyone in your household, and conserving energy and resources will help you lower your monthly utility costs.

Being environmentally friendly isn’t as difficult as you might imagine. Simply conserving water, electricity, and the energy use to heat your home can help you create a much more environmentally friendly living space. At European Construction & Design, our Atlanta remodeling contractors can help you create a beautiful, comfortable, and environmentally friendly bathroom.

Here are a few ways what you can make your home more environmentally friendly during your bathroom remodeling project:

Use Non-Toxic Building Materials

Using non-toxic building materials is a great way to make sure your new bathroom is not harming the environment around your home. Plus, the space will be safer and healthier for you and your family. Use Soybean or Cotton Based Insulation that is derived from soybeans or cotton is safer to install because it’s completely non-toxic. It’s also better for the environment, and much less harmful to your family.

Use Woods That Have Been Certified By the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC)

The FSC was started as an initiative against deforestation. Any woods they approve will not contribute to deforestation as they are rapidly renewable.

Build With Bamboo and Cork

Any features of your bathroom that are being built with wood can be built using cork or bamboo. Because both of these grow much faster than trees, using them does not contribute to deforestation or waste resources. They’re also both very attractive and very durable.

Find Products with No or Low VOCs

VOCs (volatile organic compounds) are compounds with very low boiling points. At room temperature, they can evaporate and enter into the air, where they can pollute your home. For instance, formaldehyde commonly evaporates from paint. Using paints and sealants that are VOC free (or at least labeled Low-VOC) will be safer for the environment and help you create a healthier Atlanta home.

Install Low-Flow Plumbing Fixtures

Low-flow faucets and showerheads can help you conserve half of the water that most households use in their bathrooms.

Install Energy Efficient Light Fixtures

Lighting makes up around 14% of the average electricity bill, so any way you can cut back on that energy will have a significant effect on your energy usage. Using more energy efficient lighting fixtures in your bathroom will go a long way toward helping you conserve energy. Compact fluorescent bulbs use a fraction of the energy than traditional bulbs use, and they don’t need to be replaced nearly as often.

Natural Light

When you’re remodeling your bathroom in your Atlanta home, adding a window or a skylight (if you have the resources available) is a great way to allow natural light to take over for your electricity. They can also be a great source of ventilation and very attractive.

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