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Modern Home Remodeling Design Ideas

Atlanta Home RemodelingSince you probably aren’t really trained in the latest design trends, you may be looking for modern remodeling design ideas.

If you are planning to remodel your Atlanta home, you’ll want to know what’s up in design. Whether you have a designer’s touch or have trouble decorating, you can always find out what the latest trends are. Some people will want to incorporate their own version of a trending design element. Others only need a few ideas to jump off of.

The design is the first priority of any remodeling project so you are right to be looking around at modern design ideas. To come up with your own design, there will be a lot to think about and consider. You’ll also have to find your own style if you haven’t already.

At European Construction & Design, our designers have put together a few current remodeling design trends that may appeal to you. Just remember that things change, including popular designs, so don’t be afraid to be original!

Neutral Paint Colors For Modern Remodeling Designs

A color palette is a range of colors you choose for your bathroom remodeling project. In 2016, the design trend leaned toward neutral, comforting colors. This trend is continuing on, at least for now.

Benjamin Moore® has chosen their beautiful Shadow 2117-30 as a color of the year for 2017. This is a rich, neutral shadow brown color that goes well with other beautiful colors like amethyst, dark burgundy, silver, cream, ebony, and copper.

Sherwin-Williams® has chosen their SW 6039 Poised Taupe as the color of the year for 2017. This is a pretty taupe, a little lighter, in earthen brown combined with conservative gray. It is very earthy, neutral, and elegant. As you can see, the design trend continues the 2016 trend of beautiful neutrals.

Evoking Emotion In Design With Color

Whether you choose a light and airy bathroom design or one that’s shadowy and mysterious, it will evoke a certain mood or feeling. Think about what you particularly like. Do you enjoy a light, bright bathroom or would you rather feel like you’re soaking in a royal bathtub in the peaceful quiet of the evening?

Modern Remodeling Designs Incorporate Copper & White Metals Together

Metal is simply beautiful for modern homes. There are all types of metal to incorporate into your bathroom design. The faucets, spigots, and shower heads will be of metal anyway, but the design trend is leaning toward brass, copper, gold, and bronze.

Bathroom Design Trend: A Functional Floor Plan

The design of your bathroom should be functional as well as beautiful. Since you use the bathroom every day, you want to be sure it is easy to use. More and more homeowners are trending toward a functional floor plan as the first priority when remodeling the bathroom and kitchen.

When planning out the design for your bathroom remodeling project, it’s important to consider the layout that already exists. You may want to change the location of the toilet, tub, shower, or just the cabinetry. A new floor plan may be necessary to make functional changes.

With the right remodeling contractor, there won’t be a problem rerouting plumbing or electrical for the new floor plan. Custom cabinetry won’t be a problem either. Your chosen contractor should be able to do anything you want.

If you have questions or would like to know more about Remodeling in Atlanta, GA, please feel free to contact our design experts at European Construction & Design at 678-744-3999 or complete our online request form.

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