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The Beauty of Quartzite for Your Atlanta Bathroom Remodeling Project

bathroom remodeling atlantaThe bathroom you are remodeling in your Atlanta home will need new materials that you must make decisions on. Choosing the right tile products will make a huge difference in how your new bathroom space will look and feel. Bathrooms are remodeled to make them look better, and may times function better. For aesthetics sake, an Atlanta bathroom remodeling project just focusing on replacing tile can bump up the aesthetics if you make the right choice. You may have seen or currently own the old, outdated salmon/pink, olive green, baby blue, or mustard yellow tiles that were popular long ago, but today just can’t easily be decorated around.

If you have these examples existing in your bathroom or your tiles and flooring is dull and boring, it’s definitely time to replace them with something beautiful and more durable, and call an Atlanta remodeling contractor. The materials you choose in your bathroom will not only affect function, but affect the aesthetics as well. You don’t want to choose a product that doesn’t do anything for the space, and you need to be sure the it is durable and as waterproof as possible.

Reflective Properties of Quartzite For Beautiful Bathrooms

Bathrooms generally have a lot of glass, whether it’s mirrors, light fixtures, shower glass doors or tub sliding doors, or skylights. All this glass reflects light, making the space more attractive as well as functional. Having good lighting in the bathroom is important, so reflective properties in materials is a good thing to incorporate into the design plan of your Atlanta bathroom remodeling project.

Quartzite tiles either of the solid stone variety or engineered variety is stunningly beautiful in bathrooms and other areas of the home where you need a little pizzazz. Quartz in engineered stone is simply crushed quartz that is bonded together with an adhesive base, making it more durable, just as beautiful, and more cost effective. But for many, the solid quartz is preferred due to the man made materials within engineered quartz.

Quartzite, Strong & Durable Countertops, Flooring, & Tiles

Quartzite is a solid rock that is quarried and cut into slabs or tiles. It is a natural stone that looks like marble but wears like granite. Of the most common variety of Quartzite superior white looks similar to white and heavily veined gray marble. Varieties include shades of pink and red. The difference is, it won’t stain or etch and resists scratches and chips like granite.

Quartzite was originally pure quartz sandstone that is converted into Quartzite through heating and pressure within the earth. It’s density makes it very resistant to chemical weathering and stains. It is a metamorphic rock, meaning transformed by extreme heat and pressure. It is subjected to temperatures greater than 150 to 200°C and pressure of 1500 bars.

European Construction & Design can show you beautiful options in Quartzite for tile flooring, countertops, and more. Your Atlanta bathroom remodeling project can be stunning and waterproof with the right choices in Quartzite. Whether you’re interested in engineered quartz or solid Quartzite, you’ll love how this product looks and works in your bathroom.

If you’re looking for a professional Atlanta Bathroom Remodeling contractor, call European Construction & Design at 678-744-3999, or complete our online request form.

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