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Flooring Guide For Investment Properties In Atlanta

Atlanta flooring for investment propertiesIf you are asking yourself what the best flooring options are for your investment homes, you are not alone. Landlords know that the floors need to be durable, they need to last, and they need to attract tenants. The problem is that there are so many choices available and the budget varies from owner to owner. So, the answer lies in what’s best for you and your rental property improvement budget.

Some of the most popular flooring types are actually the best options for rental homes too – but not always. Keep in mind that the cheapest isn’t always the best.

Look through this basic guide and then call our professionals at European Construction & Design for more information. We regularly assist investment property owners with remodeling service throughout the Atlanta, GA area.

Natural Stone Tile Flooring

Natural stone tile flooring will last the longest if you choose a durable material. For instance, you wouldn’t choose marble tiles for a rental property but rather something in Travertine or Slate. By investing a little more upfront over something cheaper like carpet, you aren’t faced with the cost of replacement over the next several decades. And even then, the tiles can be repaired most often. Remember that cheapest does is not the same thing as the most cost-effective.

Tile flooring is the best option for a rental home, whether it’s natural stone or something else. For one, it’s highly durable. And, sheet laminate or carpeting cannot be repaired like tile can. Instead, you wind up replacing the floor throughout the house -which makes it not as cheap as it sounds. How many times do you want to replace the floor over the years and how much value do you want to see if you sell?

Carpets For Rental Homes

Carpets give a home some warmth and comfort, so they are always going to be a popular flooring choice. You will find thousands of carpet products when choosing it for the bedrooms or main living areas of a rental home. You need quality carpeting that’s durable and colorfast. Not only does the carpet fiber material matter, the density, height, and colorfastness do too.

A dense pile looped carpet will wear better than cut pile carpets. But, some owners prefer cut pile for rental homes because it doesn’t fall apart if snagged by something like a vacuum cleaner or toy.

Carpets have to be regularly cleaned and are constantly being walked on, so you need something that stands up to spills, grime, and the standard wear-and-tear in a rental home. Polyester carpeting is not as durable as olefin and nylon. Nylon is probably the best choice for a rental home because it resists stains better. Wool and cotton are out for a rental home floor option because they are high-maintenance.

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