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Save Money by Refinishing Your Atlanta Hardwood Floors Rather Than Replacing Them

Hardwood Flooring in Atlanta, GAConsidering the drop in new home construction in the U.S., the average age of homes is going up. Chances are that the beautiful solid hardwood floors that have been in a house for years may be looking a little rough, or at least starting to lose that glossy shine. In some cases, an old hardwood floor may have even been hidden under carpet for years. In these situations, a qualified Atlanta hardwood flooring company can bring this old floor back to its original glory.

Hardwood flooring in Atlanta can truthfully last a lifetime with proper care and maintenance. A hardwood floor is like a coffee table that you walk on. It is susceptible to scratches and other damages caused by fine particles that are ground into the finished surface when walked upon. Cleaning your Atlanta floors is essential to remove these particles and minimize damage. A less frequent, but important, part of the necessary care and maintenance involves refinishing the floors at various points through the years. Floors that are left to wear unevenly will eventually become structurally unsound or be riddled with gouges and need replacing. The good news is that there are refinishing options at various levels of wear that can restore the original luster to worn looking wood floors.

For very light scratches and/or a dulling finish, a screening process can be completed where the top layer of urethane is scuffed or partially removed and a fresh coating of urethane is applied. This process makes minimal mess in the home, and can even be completed with water based, low VOC coatings to reduce odorous fumes.

If the finish has worn deeply, the bare, unprotected wood is often exposed. In these cases, further sanding is required to completely remove the layer of urethane and re-stain the floor to restore a uniform color. The urethane layers are then reapplied when the new stain has dried properly.

In severe cases, the Atlanta wood has suffered structural damage. Often this still does not mean that the entire floor need be replaced. Certain areas may have been compromised due to high traffic, water damage, or other forces. If this is the case, the damaged area can be replaced, and the entire floor will be stained to match and establish continuity. While this may be the most costly of the refinishing projects, it is still much more economical than removing all of the old flooring and replacing it.

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