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5 Great Atlanta Kitchen Remodeling Ideas

atlanta kitchen remodelingWhen remodeling your Atlanta kitchen, you’ll have plenty of decisions to make. For complete kitchen remodeling in Atlanta, you’ll need to choose materials for replacement of countertops, flooring, lighting, appliances, and more. Making all these decisions can be daunting for many, but with the help of a professional Atlanta remodeling contractor like ours at European Construction & Design, you’ll have a free initial design consultation where you get help to iron out all these details. Here are five great kitchen remodeling ideas for you to consider for the design plan.

Replace Old Countertops With Natural Stone

Natural stone is a must for your Atlanta kitchen remodel if you want something durable, heat resistant, and natural. Granite and marble a classic favorite and probably will be for all time. Today, soapstone and limestone are competing with other varieties today. Soapstone doesn’t react with most chemicals or stain, which is why it’s a favorite for laboratories. Limestone is a less expensive option in natural stone because it’s easy to quarry. It requires proper sealing and maintenance to stay stain free, but is very beautiful. Quartzite is similar to marble, but wears like granite. Slate is equally beautiful and durable as it is a non-porous natural stone and is resistant to heat.

Replace Your Flooring during Atlanta Kitchen Remodeling

The flooring in your kitchen, when replaced, will make a huge difference in how your kitchen looks. Old laminate can be replaced with today’s new, stronger options in laminates. Hardwood floors are fine for the kitchen when protected with today’s quality sealants. A favorite that will add much value to your Atlanta home or business property is options in natural stone tiles. European Construction & Design can help you pick out and install the perfect hardwoods or natural stone tiles for your new kitchen space. Call us for some ideas.

Use Composite or Engineered Stone Tiles

Composite products are products that are made up of several parts or elements. In composite tiles, you can find engineered stone products that are very beautiful and durable. Engineered marble is made of crushed marble bound in an adhesive base. Your Atlanta kitchen, or bathroom, is the ideal place to use these long lasting tiles that are waterproof and extremely damage resistant. Quartzite is a beautiful semi-precious gemstone that is an abundant mineral in the Earth’s continental crust. Quartz is this stone crushed and bonded with resin to form a durable, beautiful material. It is beautifully reflective, gently sparkling in the light present in the room. Engineered, these products are much more affordable than solid stone tiles.

Get Energy Saving Appliances

Old appliances can be the reason why your home seems to use up more energy than it should. Today’s Energy Star appliances are more efficient than they were just five years ago. Be sure you’re looking at refrigerators, stoves, dishwashers, and possibly water heaters when investing in kitchen remodeling in Atlanta. Your new kitchen can be fitted with a tankless water heater for the most in energy savings.

Replace & Add Lighting

Having the right amount of light in your kitchen in key areas is just as important as replacing or adding lighting to enhance aesthetics. Good lighting is important for areas of your Atlanta kitchen remodeling project where you do things that can be dangerous in poor lighting. When prepping food or cooking, sufficient light can help you avoid accidents like cutting yourself or getting burned. There are many options to choose from today, and it’s worth replacing old lights and fixtures because there are so many options in energy efficient lighting on the market.

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