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5 Beautiful Stone Options For Your Atlanta Landscaping

Atlanta landscaping hardscapingIf you’re planning an Atlanta landscaping project, picking out the right stone for your landscape is important because when installed as walkways, walls, or outdoor flooring, it’s a permanent fixture that will be costly to change or remove later. The right type, color, and texture of stone can greatly enhance your landscape for extra pizzazz in your curb appeal. If you make the wrong choice that doesn’t go well with your existing architecture or design style, your entire landscape can go either boring or just plain wrong.

There are so many options to choose from with varying dynamics that it can often be a difficult decision to make. European Construction & Design has the experience and expertise to be able to guide you to the right natural stone for your unique landscape, so give us a call if you’re in doubt or need professional help with the work.

Hardscaping Options to Enhance your Atlanta Landscaping Project

Here are five suggestions in popular natural stone for your hardscapesin Atlanta including retaining walls, walkways, outdoor kitchens, patios, terrace, and more…

  • Limestone – Limestone is a great option for hardscaping because it comes in a range of beautiful natural colors from white to red and black. It is commonly used in many building projects as well as Atlanta landscaping projects. Limestone is a sedimentary rock that is made of eroded grains of rock, fossils, plants, mud, and sand that is compressed into a hard substance by the earth. Limestone is absorbent and may not last as long as some more durable natural stone options unless it is of the very durable ASTM Type III classification.
  • Sandstone – Sandstone is another sedimentary rock formed similarly to limestone but is created when grans of sand and other minerals are cemented together over time. It comes in ranges from reddish brown to white. It is perfect for paving stones since it can be fabricated into thin slabs. Privacy walls and retaining walls are also commonly made of sandstone. A sandstone wall can increase the height of your garden areas in key places and looks fabulous with climbing ivies, trumpet vines, honeysuckle, and roses.
  • Bluestone – Bluestone is a unique form of sandstone in a blue-gray color. It is one of the most popular flagstones for many homeowners and commercial property owners. It can be used for many hardscaping applications such as flooring and walls, and it’s perfect for outdoor steps or stairways. Many love the Bluestone boulders that draw attention to and enhance the landscape.
  • Quartzite – Quartzite is a beautiful, light reflecting stone for Atlanta landscaping projects. It starts out as sandstone but through compression and heat from the earth, it is transformed into a new rock. It is very hard and dense, which makes it a great stone for the outdoors. It isn’t absorbent and won’t break apart unless you crush it with very heavy weights. Quartzite comes in many options that range from gray, white, and yellow. The shiny reflective properties enhance your Atlanta landscape at night as well as day.
  • Granite – Granite is one of the perfect choices if you’re building an outdoor kitchen area for your landscape. It is an igneous rock, which means it is formed deep within the magma areas of the earth’s inner layers. Magma heats minerals that are later slowly cooled over time. This process produces a very dense material that won’t break unless certain conditions are met. Granite for your outdoor kitchen countertops gives you a very durable surface that won’t get damaged by heat, weather, or storms.

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