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Atlanta Tile Installation: Types of Tiles

Atlanta Tile InstallationBefore starting up an Atlanta tile installation job, it’s important to choose the best tiles for the area you will be working on. There are many different tiles that have advantages and disadvantages, depending on the immediate environment and placement both indoors and out.

To get a better idea of the purpose and strengths of different tile types, take a quick look at the most common types that are used commercially and residentially.


One of the most common choices for tile installation jobs is the Atlanta ceramic tile. It comes in two forms, glazed and unglazed. These tiles are generally used on walls, ceilings and in rooms like bathrooms and kitchens. The glazed tiles are certainly popular, however they are not recommended for flooring since they become slick when wet.

When choosing a ceramic tile, it’s important to consider the area it will be in since glazed tiles are less prone to absorb moisture than the unglazed version.


Glass tiles are another popular choice for bathrooms, kitchens and even outdoors since it has a beautiful almost translucent or liquid look to them. They come in a wide range of different colours and shapes, which also provides the freedom to create unique looks in a room. They are a great choice for areas that are prone to high humidity since they are impervious.


Although concrete tiles are not as popular as the ceramic version, they are also a great choice for many different areas, both indoors and out. Concrete is a durable choice for flooring and can be customized in shape and colour. Concrete tile installations are done just like any other and the flooring can have an extra textured surface and sealant added to ensure a less slippery surface and little to no moisture absorption when wet.


The terracotta tiles are made from fired clay and offer a lovely warm look to any living space but they are also very absorbent with moisture and should be sealed when used on floors or in areas that tend to get a fair amount of moisture.

These tiles are made with either smooth or textured surfaces which change the look for a space and helps provide grip when used as flooring. You can cut terracotta tiles in any shape and size, though the smaller tiles are less likely to crack.

Natural Stones

Many people love the look and feel of natural stones and they are gaining in popularity for Atlanta  tile installation jobs for a variety of areas indoors and out. Some of the more popular choices for natural stones are:


Marble has been a popular choice for many people for ages because of its strength and beauty. Mainly used in high traffic areas like hallways and as flooring, marble has the advantage to buff out nicks and scratches. This means it can last for ages without looking worn or used.


One of the most popular choices in high moisture living areas, granite is a very resilient material that can be used in high traffic areas and last for ages without fading. It’s most widely used in hallways, counter tops and for flooring. Granite is one of the top options to choose over marble since it’s also one of the hardest materials found in nature.


For anyone looking to get a tile installation job with rustic charm, slate is a great choice since the tiles are cut from rocks and each piece is textured differently. They are a very popular choice for kitchens, bathrooms are areas outdoors but they must also be sealed since they are porous and will absorb moisture.

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