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Travertine Bathroom Tiles in Atlanta

Atlanta Travertine Bathroom TilesAmong all the varieties of travertine, French travertine is supposed to be the best in quality. It is also the most expensive among other travertine. Two major finishes are quite popular, which are the pitted finish and the filled finish. Pitted look is worn out and is in its natural form. The filled finish is a polished one and has a high gloss on the surface. Travertine bathroom tiles in Atlanta  are the latest trends for bathroom floors. Many designers and architects are using them for their projects. The colour ranges make them the popular choice of many decorators. They are available in grey, yellow, red, sandy tan and beige. Sandy tan is a very popular colour. The finish of travertine is very similar to that of marble. The polished surfaces look like limestone and marble. These stones are very similar to limestone in properties, but are stronger. They are not as delicate as limestone. Travertine is denser than limestone and more compact.

Atlanta travertine can be used indoors and outdoors to create amazing looks. They are used in modern homes and plush apartments too. The bathrooms are created as style statements in the modern homes. New style accessories, sanitary ware, lighting fixtures are used in these rooms to create an ultimate luxury experience. Travertine has had humble beginnings in the country of italy and has travelled worldwide because of its charming beauty.

Some other finishes of travertine are cross-cut, wave cut and vein cut, which change the texture of the stone. In the unfilled variety, the pores are open and can be filled with grout. This makes them more durable and user friendly. Filled variety has a uniform surface as the manufacturers fill the pores with epoxy. This gives rise to a silky honed surface which looks great in the bathrooms. Tumbled finish is an aged finish that gives a rustic look to the edges and surface. They are best for outdoors. Some of the popular uses are on interior and exterior cladding of walls, paving and flooring, wash basins, vanity tops, staircases, countertops and table tops.

Softer and neutral colours are the trends of today. Travertine bathroom tiles in the neutral colours like cream and beige are considered to be the best. Creating bathrooms with even and neutral colours with the same shade all over is fashionable. Colour is added by placing a few flowers or towels and other accessories in bright colours that add a hint of brightness to the rooms. Large format tiles on the floor are beautiful as they are seamless. However, care needs to be taken while installing large tiles as they can be heavy and difficult to install. Addition of rugs and mats on the floor of the bathroom will add to the effect. The addition of different shapes to the floor can be an innovation in design. Wonderful varieties of these natural stones are being sold on the internet with colourful picture displays. The trend of travertine bathroom tiles is here to stay for many more years.

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