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Bathroom Remodeling Dekalb County GAIf you are planning to remodel your home or business, you'll want to contact our Dekalb County remodeling contractors at European Construction & Design. From kitchen and bathroom remodeling in Dekalb County, GA to complete renovations that include everything - landscaping, too! - European Construction & Design's team will take care of your entire project from start to finish with expertise. Does your kitchen or bathroom need to be revitalized with a brand new look? Do you have old fixtures in your bathroom that bring down the aesthetics and value of your home or commercial property? Do you need the extra space that a basement finishing project will give you? Or do you need something functional and beautiful in landscaping or hardscaping? If so, call on our remodeling contractors in Dekalb County who will serve you well.

We are a licensed remodeling contractor with years of experience providing these type of services. We specialize in hardwood and tile flooring installations, so if this is part of your project, rest assured our team will give you high-end results at affordable pricing. We want to be your one-stop-shop for all your Dekalb County remodeling needs. So if you are looking to invest in exterior renovations like landscaping or concrete work, basement finishing, bathroom or kitchen remodeling in Dekalb County - regardless if it is for a residential or commercial property - European Construction & Design wants to be the one you can trust to get the results you want. Call today to schedule a free consultation, and let's get started renovating your property.

Professional Dekalb County Kitchen Remodeling

When it comes to your kitchen, the space needs to be functional as well as beautiful. With the right design plan and Dekalb County kitchen remodeling contractor, you can have anything you want for your kitchen space. Is your kitchen too tiny or is it dysfunctional with a bad layout? We can change all that and bring in a new kitchen area you'll love to spend time in. We can also design and construct outdoor kitchen areas that contain retaining walls, walkways, and so much more. Kitchen remodeling in Dekalb County isn't limited to the interior kitchen. Experience the beauty of Georgia summers with a fun, new outdoor kitchen designed and constructed by our experts!

Businesses with kitchens need to keep safety in mind as well as function when it comes to designing a kitchen remodeling project. A space that is too cramped, has a bad layout, or has old appliances that need replacing can be dangerous as well as frustrating. Remodeling a commercial kitchen in Dekalb County, GA can enhance the value of your property and is a good investment when it's all done by the right Dekalb County kitchen remodeling contractors. European Construction & Design are the experts to call.

Expert Bathroom Remodeling in Dekalb County, GA

We can do a lot with your bathroom to enhance the space, bring it up to date, and make it much more functional and pleasing. Our professional Dekalb County bathroom remodeling contractors do expert work and handle your bathroom remodeling from start to finish. Whether you want to add great lighting, more electrical outlets, replace your fixtures, re-do your flooring, and more, or you just want something simple to add a little value to the property, we're here to help. Either way, the results will be beautiful and you'll be pleased - guaranteed - when you choose European Construction & Design for bathroom remodeling in Dekalb County, GA.

Dekalb County Basement Finishing

A Dekalb County basement that sits empty and spooky can be completely revamped into usable, beautiful, and functional space with our remodeling service. European Construction & Design is the frontrunner in Dekalb County and surrounding areas of GA for expert basement remodeling and other construction services. The basement area is a perfect place to remodel because you already have the walls, ceiling, and floor. No matter the condition of your basement, our team specializing in basement finishing in Dekalb County can completely renovate it to give you the beautiful and functional space you need.

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"Adrian was great from the moment I called to schedule for an estimate. He came by on-time to discuss possible options for master bath tile work and brought along an album of photos. After seeing the master bathroom he immediately texted me a photo of one of his recent jobs which was very similar to my bathroom. He was not dressed as a salesman so I asked him and he said that he is the owner and he does the installation work also, he is from Romania. These days it is very difficult to find someone who does sales call, measurements and actual installation. You typically do not see the sales guy after he makes the sale shakes your hand during his first visit and come time for installation it's someone else. Adrian took pride in his work; he did bring in an assistant to help with the job and the work was done in 5 days as agreed. His installation process was good and he patiently cleaned up after the job was done. Thank you Adrian."

| Rated: 5/5

"Provider was chosen after a long process of trying to choose a tile installer who understood the intricacies of installing a kitchen backsplash composed of several different sizes and compositions of tile materials. Provider indicated early in the bidding process that the different sizes and thicknesses of my chosen tile would require different installation techniques in order to obtain an even tile surface. He also explained how he would go about the installation process and what extra materials would be needed. The process was more costly but insured a properly finished surface. I appreciated this honesty because no other bidders had indicated a need for this extra care on my backsplash job. Provider was timely and communicated well during all stages of the job, which required more than one day because of varied drying times and also because a necessary small design installation change required me to order more materials. Provider came back promptly when the remaining tiles came in and finished the job. Backsplash looks wonderful, and I would be glad to work with this provider again."

| Rated: 5/5

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If you are looking for a professional Dekalb County bathroom remodeling contractor, then please call 678-744-3999 or complete our online request form.

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