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Bathroom Remodeling Suwanee GA

If you have a Suwanee home that just isn't pleasant because the flooring, bathroom, kitchen, or other parts of the home are outdated, it may be the right time to make changes.

Have you thought about what you would like to see replaced or updated? Many homes still have 1980's or earlier styles in cabinets and fixtures. It seems that no amount of decorating can really fix things. And sometimes you're just stuck with a style you'd rather not have.

Anything in a home can be changed or updated when you have the right Suwanee remodeling contractor to help.

With European Construction & Design, you'll have all the help you need to turn your home into the space it needs to be for you and your family. Your satisfaction is our foremost goal, so let's get started!

Planning On A Bathroom Remodeling Project In Suwanee?

Do you have those old salmon or blue colored tubs, sinks, and toilets? Are you tired of the old floor and wall tile? Are your faucets, showerhead, and other fixtures outdated?

Everything in the bathroom can be replaced if there is nothing you wish to salvage when remodeling. Or, you can choose to just update certain things.

Small spaces can be just as gorgeous as large! Give us a call and lets discuss your remodeling plans. Our expert designer can work with you to create something stunning and unique.

Kitchen Remodeling In Suwanee

Are your kitchen cabinets dank and rotting to where you don't even want to use them? Or maybe they're not that bad, but you're just tired of the 1980's style. Replacing those old cabinets with modern ones can bring in a new style. There are many things you can do to remodel your Suwanee kitchen. You can change out:

  • - Lighting
  • - Appliances
  • - Countertops
  • - Cabinetry
  • - Shelving or Pantry
  • - Flooring
  • - Plumbing
  • - Electrical Outlets
  • - Ceiling Texture
  • - Wall Paint
  • - Molding & Trim
  • - Windows or Doors
  • - Drywall
  • - Walls

Your home is your castle! What would you like to see in a new, modern kitchen? Whatever you dream of for your Suwanee Kitchen Remodeling, European Construction & Design can make it happen.

Commercial Tenant Improvement For Suwanee Businesses

European Construction & Design offers commercial tenant improvement remodeling for Suwanee and other areas near Atlanta. If you have commercial property that you would like to build-to-suit, give our experts a call.

We can handle your commercial interior and exterior landscaping and hardscaping remodeling for either large or small projects. Give us a call for an initial consultation and let's discuss what needs to change.

Sometimes tenants do the remodeling themselves so they can utilize the space more effectively. Do you lease a commercial space and need remodeling? Our Suwanee remodeling contractors can assist you. Just give us a call!

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