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One of the main benefits to home ownership is the ability to customize your house to suit your personal tastes. If you are unhappy with any of your interior or exterior spaces, you are free to make any changes you see fit. When you are looking for a Marietta remodeling contractor to assist with your next home renovation project, look no further than European Construction & Design.

Our team of experts are ready and willing to take the design ideas for your home, and make them a reality. Whether you are just looking for a slight style update, a major overhaul to create more room, or just to re purpose the room you already have in your home, we are ready to help. During the initial consultation, our designers will find out what needs to changed, and what your ideas for those changes are. We guarantee you will be thrilled with the final results. When you make the decision to go with European Construction & Design, you can rest assured that you are getting:

  • A team of fully licensed & insured remodeling contractors
  • Design consultation
  • An expert remodeling team

Looking To Remodel An Outdated Bathroom in Marietta?

Remodeling your bathroom in Marietta is one of the best and quickest ways to value to you home. The bathroom receives some of the most foot traffic of any room in your home. Over time, this can wear off the sheen and color of your old tile or flooring, and destroy the grouting, giving mold and mildew a convenient place to grow. Our Marietta remodeling contractors can install a brand new floor tile for you that will restore your bathroom back to its original glory. Or maybe you want to give your bathroom a new face entirely.

Replacing the old tile, adding a backsplash to the shower or walls, replacing old and worn out fixtures, or adding some new cabinets or a vanity for extra storage are all great ways to make an old bathroom feel brand new. Whatever the changes you have in mind for your old bathroom, the team of experts at European Construction & Design are willing and able to deliver results.

Marietta Kitchen Remodeling

Along with bathrooms, kitchens are one quickest rooms to grow outdated in the house. With how quickly appliance technology changes, and the increasing or decreasing popularity of certain surface and floor materials, a kitchen that was modern even ten years ago can look hopelessly out of date. Kitchen remodeling doesn't have to be a headache, however. With the right Marietta remodeling contractor, updating your kitchen can be a very fun and exciting prospect.

Replacing an old, worn-out looking floor with brand new tile or even a new wood laminate flooring can bring new life to an older space. New cabinets or granite countertops can make your kitchen look like something straight out of a home renovation show. The levels of customization and character you can achieve for your kitchen with a professional remodeling are nearly endless. Call our local Marietta remodeling contractors today to schedule your consultation, and be prepared to watch your old kitchen take on a completely new life.

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If you are looking for professional kitchen, bathroom, or basement remodeling in Marietta, please call 678-744-3999 or complete our online request form.

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