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Atlanta Marble Flooring Is a Great Option

Atlanta Marble Flooring

Today, Atlanta marble flooring is becoming an increasingly popular flooring option for many homeowners. Years ago they were considered a rich man's option since marble was only quarried in Italy making it extremely expensive to purchase. Nowadays, the price for marble has decreased since a homeowner can get excellent grades of marble from quarries in Spain, Mexico and China.

You will find that the most commonly used marble flooring is the white or black slabs or tiles of marble. This is because both colors provide a stunning, luxurious effect that can be designed in eloquent patterns.

Not only will you find that marble flooring will add style and value to your home, you will also notice that provide a cooling effect within the home. Marble is such a dense solid that it has low heat conduction which means that it takes a long time to warm up. In places with warmer climates, marble flooring will help provide home cooling and cut down on electricity and HVAC usage.

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Why Atlanta Should Hire Us For Marble Flooring

If you are looking for a professional flooring contractor in Atlanta, look no further than European Flooring Installers, LLC. We provide you with a wide range of flooring options which include marble, travertine, tiling, slate, ceramic tiling and hardwood flooring. As a professional flooring company, we can also provide Atlanta home owners with shower pan repair, shower tile repair and kitchen backsplashes. You will receive a custom job that will exceed your expectations.

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