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Atlanta Travertine Flooring

One of the most popular tile that is used in modern architecture is travertine. It is a natural stone material that has been used to construct buildings for thousands of years since it can be shaped to fit any space. When you are in the market for Atlanta travertine, you will find that there are four texture types of travertine tiles: polished, honed, tumbled and brushed. If you want a glossy finish then the polished option may be right for you. If satin finish is what you want the the honed tiles may be the right choice. Tumbled and brush tiles have their natural porous texture and no shine. These are great for the homeowner who wants a rustic, natural look.

Travertine tiles are extremely durable which makes for a great flooring option. You can have them installed in any room in the home to add style. Not only can you install these tiles inside your home, you can also use them on the exterior as well. They make a great swimming pool surround, patio flooring or even driveways. You will find that travertine flooring is cost-efficient and versatile, making this a great material for your Atlanta floors.

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When you want a custom flooring installation for your Atlanta home, let our professionals handle it. From our initial meeting, you will find that our Atlanta flooring contractors listen to your needs and wants which ultimately means that you will get the end results that you envisioned. As a professional flooring company, our contractors are highly trained and skilled in all areas of flooring and tile installation.

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